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All New. Now Available. The Jumpfire Audio Backpack.

Please Note: Jumpfire Audio Backpacks are no longer available. Please email me if you would like to hear about future developments.

What is an audio backpack?

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An audio backpack is just what it sounds like: a backpack with a built-in stereo speaker system. With an audio backpack you have the ability to bring your music into the world around you instead of covering up that world. You get a boombox without the need to carry around a boombox. With an audio backpack portable music doesn't just mean headphones anymore.

Do you bicycle? An audio backpack lets you listen to music without giving up your ability to hear traffic or other cyclists around you.

Do you spend time with friends? An audio backpack means you can bring music with you wherever you go. You can bring your music to the beach, to a picnic, to the park or to the game.

Do you like to share your music? An audio backpack turns listening to music into a communal experience no matter where you are!

Who are you? What is Jumpfire?

Let's start at the beginning. My name is Matt. When I was in college I had a problem. I really enjoyed listening to music, but I couldn't bring it with me without plugging in a set of headphones and blocking out the rest of the world. Since I have always thought the world is a pretty nifty place, I wanted to stay a part of it.

During my senior year, I solved this problem by stitching speakers into my first audio backpack. It was so cool! I already carried a backpack with me everywhere and now my new backpack could play music! I could use it while walking around campus, hanging out with friends, or going to parties. I even started using my backpack to enhance the sound when watching a movie on someone's laptop. Other people really liked my backpack too so I decided to make audio backpacks for others. I adopted the name Jumpfire and came up with an improved design. Now I make each Jumpfire Audio Backpack by hand in Madison, WI.

What makes the Jumpfire Audio Backpack special?

Power switch and speakers

When I came up with the design, I focused on a few important features.

Sound Output

Most iPods ™ and cell phones have a built in speaker that lets people listen to music out loud. Those speakers are small, quiet and have less-than-stellar sound quality. I knew that the Jumpfire Audio Backpack had to use speakers that sound excellent and play really loudly. I did some research on existing audio backpacks and found that most of them have a speaker that is no louder than a cell phone's speakerphone. In contrast, my backpack plays so loudly that if I turn it all the way up inside my house, I cannot comfortably carry on a conversation with someone in the same room. Normally, high volume means low sound quality but the Jumpfire Audio Backpack sounds so good that everyone who hears it is blown away by the quality.


The Jumpfire Audio Backpack needed a battery. During the design stage, I tried powering my backpack with AA batteries. I needed eight batteries and they only lasted a couple of hours. That just was not good enough. I selected a rechargeable lithitum-ion battery instead which is the same advanced battery technology used to power cell phones and laptops. The included charger plugs into the wall and has an indicator light to let you know when it is fully charged. The battery pack is lightweight and compact and it has about 10 times the life span of those eight AA batteries. That means the Jumpfire Audio Backpack has 20 hours of play time on a single charge. 20 hours!


It is important that a backpack with a stereo sound system still has plenty of storage space. The Jumpfire Audio Backpack's sound system and battery take up only the outermost pocket, and only add about two pounds to the bag's weight. The entire main compartment and extra pockets in the backpack are completely open and easily able to fit a stack of textbooks, a change of clothes, snacks, and cleats for sports practice with room to spare. It is a high-quality stereo sound system, but it is still a backpack and still designed to let people carry around whatever they need.

Pocket on shoulderstrap

Simple and Intuitive

To use the Jumpfire Audio Backpack, connect it to any music device that has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Simply plug in your device and switch on the power button. For easy storage and access, there is a pocket built into the backpack's right shoulder strap that fits any model iPod ™ or iPhone ™ and nearly all MP3 players and cell phones. The audio cable fits compactly in the bag and is five feet long to connect the backpack to a laptop or TV.


I knew that real people in the real world would use this backpack. That means it has to stand up to wear, tear, dirt, and rain. I picked speakers that are made of aluminum and rubber so they won't be damaged by water. While I don't recommend dropping a Jumpfire Audio Backpack in to the ocean, I can say that a little rain will not be a problem.

How do I get one?

For ordering information please contact me by email: matt@jumpfire.net

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I still have questions!

The best way to ask is to send me an email: matt@jumpfire.net I respond to most messages within a day or two.

Jumpfire backpacks are perfect for my active lifestyle! I love listening to music while riding my bike around town, but don't like wearing headphones while I ride because they don't let me hear cars approaching on the road. With the jumpfire backpack, I can enjoy my music and still feel safe on my bike. It's also great for keeping my biking group motivated. We can all be singing along to the same favorite tunes during our rides, and even pack snacks for breaks! I love my backpack so much. The sound quality is great and it's super comfortable and stylish. Definitely an essential every time I go out!

Hartford, CT

I carry my backpack and my ipod with me almost all the time. Combining those two things and adding a speaker system is a really cool idea. I've enjoyed using these backpacks at parties, workouts, or just hanging out with friends. They're great for making funny or dramatic entrances and exits too!

Madison, WI

The first time I heard Matt's Jumpfire backpack, I couldn't believe the music wasn't coming from a stereo system. The sound quality is incredible, and having the backpack around just makes me want to dance! I love that the Jumpfire pack makes it possible to play a cool song for all of your friends without having to share headphones or making everyone crunch in a circle and strain to hear crappy MP3 speakers.

Madison, WI

These packs are awesome! Great speakers wherever and whenever you want! My friends and I have used them to play music for street performances and for just hanging out together outside.

Washington, DC

My first experience with this backpack was when a friend had brought it to a juggling convention. It was a small convention so there was no music provided. He brought his Jumpfire Backpack, and then there was the music. It sounded better than my boombox at home. I was amazed at how long the battery lasted. After over 8 hours of juggling the Jumpfire Backpack music was still playing loud and clear!

College Park, MD

Listening to a Jumpfire sound system for the first time is impressive. Why settle for a stationary dock with tinny sound when you can have portable speakers with crisp highs and clear lows. Small, light, loud and clear is a perfect summary to a great product!


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